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Terms & Conditions

Terms Mymoderno:

The company may change the content at any time, as well as to suspend it for unauthorized access, improper actions and such, contrary to the European laws.

Catalog contains Mymoderno banners and links to other sites. Mymoderno not responsible for their content.

Prerequisites to perform the contract:
1. Registration at store.
2. A valid e-mail address.
3. Correct shipping addresses.
4. Correct contact details.

Activate the order is by checking for agreement to our terms and pressing [ORDER].
With your order you will receive order confirmation to your designated e-mail address.

Change Order

In the absence of stock of the goods, Mymoderno within one working day after receipt of the application notify the client of the exhaustion of a product by sending a message by clients e-mail address or by phone.
Products and their quantities in your order can be modified at any time before you confirm the finality variant type of payment. If you want to make changes then contact the administrator of the store through the info@mymoderno.com.

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